Point Of Sales (POS) Software


We provide Web Based POS software in Bangladesh with Sales, Purchase, Inventory, Supplier, Customer, Bar-code General Account Module. This is web based online POS software including Sales, Purchase, Vendor and inventory. You can manage all account, role base authentication, etc using this software. Smart Account allows you to send custom invoices, track inventory, and create purchase orders to attach to bills all from your Software. Get Inventory and financial reports customization and your bank account for a seamless experience. It's cloud-based software, that means you can log in anytime, anywhere. And it automates many of the menial tasks that eat up your day.


Modules of the Point Of Sales (POS) Software.

Dashboard:  Interactive Dashboard, you can see at a glance Daily-Monthly Sales and Purchase Condition.  Current Account Balance and Liabilities and many more.


Sales Module:  This is an Easy and Complete Sales Management System.  Manual Entry Sales, Bar-Code Sales, Sales Return, Sales Due Collection.


Purchase Module: This is an amazing Purchase Module. User cans Select Supplier Name and Product Quantity all most done. Supplier Due Payment System Include this System.


General Account: We also include this software General Account like as General Expanse and General Deposit.  You can Fund Transfer to your Each other Accounts.


Quotations:  You can Make Quotation for Sales.


Product Management: Product Add, Update and Delete and Product Configuration System here. Bar-Code Generate, Bar-Code Assign and Bar-Code Print Facility Include there.  


Supplier-Customer: Supplier and Customer Information System.


SMS Send:  You can Send SMS or Promotion SMS from this System.


System Setting and Security: You can Setting your Company Configuration update.  System Security or User Role Management Include this POS Software.  


Report:  We Provide Inventory & Financial Report our POS Software.


Inventory Report:

1.     Supplier Wise Stock

2.     Product Wise Stock

3.     Product Alert

4.     Wastage Report

5.     Damage Report

6.     Sales Report

7.     Supplier Wise Sales

8.     Supplier Wise Discount

9.     Purchase Report

10.     Sale Return Report


Financial Report:

1.     Cash Flow Report

2.     Daily Report

3.     Customer Report

4.     Supplier Report

5.     Sales Return report

6.     Payable Due Report

7.     Receivable Due Report

8.     Income Expanse Report

9.     Profit Loss Report